Care & Maintenance


Routine Care

Hardwood flooring is low-maintenance so once you establish a care routine, you'll find it is easy to keep your floors looking beautiful. Sweep and dry mop your flooring regularly, how often will depend on how much traffic the room gets. Do not use a wet mop on your hardwood floors as water can cause them to swell or warp. It is a good idea to place doormats at entrances to reduce the amount of dirt and grime tracked into your home. Be sure to address spills as soon as they occur. With a little effort your floors will last you a lifetime.

Hardwood Daily Care | Hernandez Wholesale Flooring


No matter how careful you are, spills will happen. Simply sweep up any solid spills. Wipe liquid spills as soon as the occur with a clean, dry cloth to prevent staining or floor damage. Use manufacturer-approved cleaning solutions for tough spills.


Hardwood floors can sometimes become scratched. To prevent scratches use protective pads under your furniture. There are different methods for dealing with scratches so be sure to consult your manufacturer information to make sure you do not void a warranty.

High Traffic Areas

Protect your hardwood floors in high traffic areas with an area rug and by placing doormats at entry ways. Area rugs and doormats help keep your floors pristine longer. Also, remove your shoes before walking through your home.